What are Poker Leaks?

“A Poker Leak is a recurring flaw in a poker player’s strategy or a style of play that consistently makes him less profitable than he could be or even causes him to be a losing player.”

It is usually caused by a lack of technical knowledge, discipline or emotional control (known as Tilt). The main reason some poker players,  also known as -sharks-, can be so profitable is that they are not only good at identifying and constantly using the leaks of their opponents, but also able to identify their own leaks which makes them lose less money even when cards run bad for them.

Leaks can be Technical meaning that they are caused by a lack of technical or statistical knowledge or Mental (Mind Leaks), causing a player to make wrong decisions even when they technically prepared to make the correct decision. Being able to Identify and fix leaks must be a primary goal for any serious poker player. Leak identification is a huge topic and to successfully pinpoint your leaks and correct them will require a lot of hard work. Some good starting points and general ideas are outlined in this “How to Identify Leaks” blog post.

Every time just before you start playing, One by one, recollect each of your leaks. By doing this you force your brain to recognize situations preceding the particular leak in your game.  For every leak there is a correct way of thinking (solution) which will help you to make a correct decision when you encounter a similar situation again. Once you have identified a leak and the corresponding solution (the correct way of thinking) you must update your personalized Poker Warm Up.  When you edit a leak you can also record a corresponding example hand which reminds you what happened last time and what should not happen again. This is an important tool that will help you to recollect the solution to the leak when you are playing live.

By going through the thick forest of your leaks you bring this information to the very front of your brain allowing you to recognize the forthcoming problem quicker and more often and adjust accordingly.

By recurring repetition of this process (ideally every day before your session, or even several times a day) you are making a new habit of recognizing, fighting and eliminating your leaks. Essentially it makes your “learn while you play” process far more effective.

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