PokerMaster hand history converter and HUD

PokerMaster Converter by PokerWarmUp

PokerMaster HUD allows tracking results of your play on PokerMaster  in your favorite Holdem Manager 2 software. Now you’ll be able to review your hands, statistics, track your results, and run your favorite HUD setup with any stats you want.

Install PokerMaster converter in less than 5 minutes according to this manual.

Dashboard and Localization

It’s being a while since our latest update but we are keep working on Poker Warm Up improvements when have time :).

Latest update has lot of fixes (not always visibly noticeable) and several major changes which you hopefully like.

  • Dashboard has a new view and number of changes. We decided to help everyone track their activity and mood/play correlation. Just check it up after login and you’ll see how it works.                                                                                                                                                                        dashboard
  • Finally (were asked earlier by users) we’ve added Localization to the website. Now it has English and Russian but with option to add more locales. It depends on available translations. Taking into account poker language specifics we would prefer to have human translation – not Google. If you are foreign native speaker and would like to help community with translation please contact us                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 locale
  • Registration and Sign In forms now simpler and easier to use.

Don’t forget to keep Your Game Hot every session – Warm Up!!

What better appreciation of your service can you receive in black & white ?!

great_workTranslation to other languages including Russian is the planned feature.

Dear users ! Please let us know if you are interested in helping us, yourself and speakers of your language to make this great Poker tool really available to everybody who is keen.

As for donations, for me personally the is in a way my own donation to her majesty Poker. For all the good changes she brought into my life.

But we will think about it 😉

Keep your Game hot, 

Keep Warming Up! 

Site Update


Major website redesign and several new features gonna be added in the next couple weeks.

Here are couple screen shots of future look:


Poker Warm Up users Feedback

We’ve just finished analyzing results of a survey we run to get some feedback from our users so I want to share the results here.

1. More than half people would be happy to recommend the service to their poker friends.

2. Design of the website was ranked as “Good” on average with some people voted for redesign and some don’t really care about the looks.

3. The web site functionality was mostly ranked  as “It Works OK, but could be better” and that’s what we are going to work on in the coming months.

4. The following features were requested more often than others: Warm Up reminder, More Brain Games and Choose Signal Type for Session Timer.

5. And some regular users proposed to implement more graphic features like: adding pictures, mark important things with different colors and change the font Types.  

We are happy to receive any kind of feedback from our users, be it good or bad and we will do our best to improve the service and your experience.

If you still have not completed you survey, please do so by using this link:

Function change request

We probably should change the order of steps during the Poker warm up. As per Jared’s suggestions in his article,  the “Around the Table” step should run before anything else. And this is quite logical, we want to remove any distracting factors first, so that they can not even distract us from the Warm Up procedure itself. But I would like to hear some feedback first though, as  I am using this routine myself for many months already, and the process of  closing my skype, gmail , etc as the last step, gives me some extra motivational push and sense of accomplishment just before starting the session. Also sometimes I send some “last” messages in skype or gmail during warm up – to clean my head off  of them.

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