The Beginning…

More than  a year passed after idea of this website appeared for the first time. And now, finally we are ready  to roll this site out.

It is still in Beta but minimal set of functions is ready and I personally use it on a daily basis to warm up before I start my Poker session.

I really hope it will help many poker players to improve both their technical  and mental game skills as it already does for me and couple of my poker friends and they will implement in into their daily poker routine.  In this blog I will post ideas and proven recipes on how to get best of it.

Some Topics I plan to cover are:

  • Good Morning routine
  • Creating good habits in Poker and destroying the bad ones
  • Poker Warm UP and Poker Cool Down
  • How Warm Up increases  Motivation
  • Friendly environment for Mindful Poker
  • When Warm Up can increase your chances of Playing in the Zone

And others.

To be continued.

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