Poker Warm Up users Feedback

We’ve just finished analyzing results of a survey we run to get some feedback from our users so I want to share the results here.

1. More than half people would be happy to recommend the service to their poker friends.

2. Design of the website was ranked as “Good” on average with some people voted for redesign and some don’t really care about the looks.

3. The web site functionality was mostly ranked  as “It Works OK, but could be better” and that’s what we are going to work on in the coming months.

4. The following features were requested more often than others: Warm Up reminder, More Brain Games and Choose Signal Type for Session Timer.

5. And some regular users proposed to implement more graphic features like: adding pictures, mark important things with different colors and change the font Types.  

We are happy to receive any kind of feedback from our users, be it good or bad and we will do our best to improve the service and your experience.

If you still have not completed you survey, please do so by using this link:

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