How to Identify leaks in your Poker game

There is a list of predefined Technical Leaks to choose from in the Poker Warm-Up tool. Once you created your account you automatically get a default warmup which can be modified to suit your particular case.

The main point is to find situations that make you lose money on a regular basis, day after day and plug that leak. Sometimes players are even aware of some leak in their game but they are just not disciplined enough to put in some work to fix it. Mind leaks are a bit more complex. Unfortunately, there is no tracking software for our mind and mental and leaks themselves can be quite subjective. Mind leaks are not necessarily something that leads to immediate tilt. They can just as easily provoke subtle emotions that are overly negative or overly positive smaller emotions can accumulate over time. Soon emotions will flood your mind and put you on tilt.

For starters: Remember situations which make you feel like something is unfair or should not be this way. Or a particular kind of thought you have at the table that leads to you feeling uncomfortable. For example, take the classic coin flip…you moved all in preflop with QQ, got called by AK and lost. For many players, even professional players this outcome brings negative emotions. Why? Partly because they don’t accept the mathematics of poker and variance and partly because they measure their results and success by things that are outside of their control. Every time you resist the reality even just by thinking that it should be different than it is now you are making a very great mental mistake. The idea is to notice what kinds of reality you don’t accept, and then try to understand why you resist that particular aspect. The reasons can vary from the improper understanding of technical fundamentals like variance and poker math or mental issues like irrelevant goals you have for your game or a wrong understanding of what constitutes a mistake and how the learning process works. For more details and a deeper understanding of Mind Leaks and the Mental Game of Poker I highly recommend the books, videos and forum articles of Jared Tendler. PS: Interpretation of most common mind leaks as forms of tilt illustrated here.

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  1. […] Leaks can be Technical meaning that they are caused by a lack of technical or statistical knowledge or Mental (Mind Leaks), causing a player to make wrong decisions even when they technically prepared to make the correct decision. Being able to Identify and fix leaks must be a primary goal for any serious poker player. Leak identification is a huge topic and to successfully pinpoint your leaks and correct them will require a lot of hard work. Some good starting points and general ideas are outlined in this “How to Identify Leaks” blog post. […]


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